Aire Italian what does it mean?

Italian Aire


Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all'Estero


 What is Aire? When to register with What is its importance?


 This is a "registry office" where documents and acts relating to the population are recorded, changes in civil status such as birth, marriage, death, profession, change of name and so on. It was established in 1988 and contains the data of Italian citizens living abroad.


 AIRE is a register kept by the Italian government which tracks Italian citizens living abroad. To register with AIRE, you need to access the official website, whose link begins with "https", guaranteeing a secure connection during the process.


 Registering with AIRE makes it possible to benefit from some important consular services (issuing documents and declarations), as well as to exercise the right to vote abroad.


 Who must register with AIRE?


 Law No. 470 of October 27, 1988 introduced the obligation to register with the A.I.R.E. for Italian citizens who transfer their residence abroad for a period of more than twelve months and for their cohabiting family members.


 Registration must be requested at the competent Consulate within 90 days of the transfer of residence.


Thus, for example, Americans who have their citizenship recognized in Italy by judicial or administrative means and return to Brazil where they have their residence and work, this transfer becomes necessary for the competent Consulate in their region.


 Thus, Americans recognized as Italian who live in Italy have their anagrafe registrations with the Comune where they live in Italy. On the other hand, Brazilians recognized as Italian who live abroad have their data anagrafe at the competent Consulate.




Consulates around the world, including those in Brazil, have a Ufficio Anagrafe which is responsible for managing the residents of that commune.  


Keeping data up to date is a binomial duty/obligation. For example, if you change your marital status from single to married, this information must be entered in the AIRE.


After obtaining Italian citizenship, this is an important step.


How do I register with AIRE?


These changes do not require payment or even the presence of the person concerned. They are carried out by telematic means through FAST IT, and it is essential to attach proof of residence in one's own name.


How do I register with A.I.R.E.?




The easiest and quickest way is to use the FAST IT portal, through which you can comfortably fill in the registration application from your home computer.


Step-by-step instructions for initial registration with AIRE:


Access the Fast it platform.


Create a login and password for the system.


Check and confirm your Italian citizenship.


Fill in your e-mail address to activate your account by clicking on the "User activation" link that will be sent to your e-mail.


Log in to the system.


Go to the "Anagrafe Consolare e AIRE" section and select the option to sign up for AIRE.


Submit your AIRE application free of charge.


When starting the registration procedure, it is crucial to activate the account within 72 hours of registration. When creating the password, it is important to observe the security guidelines, including the inclusion of at least one special character, a number and an uppercase letter. The password must have a minimum and maximum length of characters, usually between 8 and 16.




 If the account is not activated within the specified timeframe, the registration process may be compromised. Make sure you follow all the instructions provided during the password creation process, ensuring your compliance with the established requirements.


 When browsing the registration section, users must share the necessary information and follow all the steps indicated to complete the registration process. Sharing on social networks is not part of the official AIRE procedure and therefore care should be taken not to divulge sensitive information during the process.


Documentation to be included in the AIRE register:


a) copy of the identification document (passport or Italian ID) signed by the person concerned.


b) a copy of the certificate of residence for no more than 6 months, single or cumulative in the presence of cohabiting family members.


As an alternative to the certificate of residence, an employment contract can be presented, or a bill for household utilities (water, electricity, gas, landline telephone, etc.) from which it can be verified that the applicant for registration with AIRE is actually resident in the consular district.


c) passport or identity card)of any cohabiting family members.


The documentation to be attached to the application, previously scanned in PDF format and no larger than 1.0 Mb, must be inserted into the three boxes provided, following the step-by-step procedure until completion.


The accurate creation and maintenance of the AIRE registration is essential if Italian citizens living abroad are to be properly registered in the official registers. Therefore, when carrying out the registration, it is essential to observe the guidelines provided, ensuring the accuracy and security of the information shared.