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Italian Aire

Aire Italian what does it mean?

It is a "registry office" where documents and acts linked to the registration of the population are recorded, changes in civil status such as birth, marriage, death, profession, change of name and so on.


Family Tree

The family tree is the symbol of life and is used in traditional genealogy because it allows us to illustrate the succession of different generations. By going deeper and deeper, we can establish connections up to the most up-to-date

In short, a family tree is a chart that shows the lineage of a family or clan. It is a type of diagram that can be used to trace family and blood relationships, but also to research surviving family members and ancestors.

italian names

Italian Names

Italian names are identifying elements that distinguish one person from another. It is made up of the prename or first name and the surname or family name.

How have names changed in Italy?

They have been linked to fashion for at least a century. At the beginning of the 20th century, many girls were called Fedora, like the protagonist of Umberto Giordano's melodrama. Then, in the 1920s, it was the turn of Italy and Benito. In the second half of the century, names linked to ideologies gained strength (Libero, Selvaggia) and, in recent years, many have chosen to pay homage to idols or personalities like Chiara (Ferragni) or sportsmen like Diego Maradora, as well as series.

family search

Family Search what it is?

FamilySearch is a website and online service provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (known as the Mormon Church), focused on genealogical research and the construction of family trees. The main purpose of FamilySearch is to help people discover, preserve and share their family history.

Italian Citizenship Advantages and Disadvantages

By swearing an oath of loyalty to the Italian Republic, either administratively or through the courts when a final judgment is passed, the new Italian citizen undertakes to respect all the duties and benefits of Italian citizenship granted to Italian citizens.

From then on, the person effectively becomes an Italian citizen.

At this point we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Italian citizenship.



What is Prenotami? It is a service offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that allows you to book various consular services online directly from your home.

The Prenot@mi portal aims to allow Italian or foreign citizens to book some consular services free of charge, such as entry to the queues for Italian citizenship and the issue of an Italian passport.