Italian Citizenship Advantages and Disadvantages

By swearing an oath of loyalty to the Italian Republic, either administratively or through the courts when a final judgment is passed, the new Italian citizen undertakes to respect all the duties and benefits of Italian citizenship granted to Italian citizens.

From then on, the person effectively becomes an Italian citizen.

At this point we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Italian citizenship.

1) Italian citizenship Advantages

a) CIRCULATION: Italian citizenship brings advantages and the right to move and reside freely in all the states of the European Union and you can decide to settle and work in one of these states (with a residence permit this is not possible). One of the greatest advantages of Italian citizenship is the freedom to travel within the European Union. As an Italian citizen, you have the right to travel, work and live in any EU member state without the need for visas or special permits. This opens up incredible opportunities for mobility, work and study throughout Europe


b) VOTING: You are active and passive in the European Parliament and in Italy. Voting in Italy is personal, it can only be exercised by those who are entitled to it and no exceptions are allowed, equal. each voter is entitled to only one vote and all votes are equal before the law, free everyone is free to vote for the party and candidates they prefer, secret the vote is secret to allow the voter to vote without being conditioned Every 5 years, Italian citizens are called to vote for members of parliament and always every 5 years, Italians must vote for their representatives in the European parliament. In addition, Italian citizens are also called upon to vote for regional and municipal bodies

c) PROTECTION OF DIPLOMATIC AUTHORITIES: Regardless of the country they are in, European citizens can benefit from the protection of the diplomatic and consular authorities of a European Union state;

d) PUBLIC TENDERS: Once the legal requirements have been met, you can take part in public tenders for various positions in Italy and the public administration, for example to become a carabinieri, police officer, marshal or military officer;

e) NO VISA REQUIRED: The advantages of Italian citizenship also lie in having an Italian passport, which means you don't need a visa for many countries. It also saves you money because the passport is valid for 10 years and, above all, you don't have to continually renew your residence permit and incur additional costs.

f) Dual citizenship can be useful for those living between two countries to overcome bureaucratic burdens and restrictions, it also increases the freedom to open bank and business accounts abroad, as well as allowing access to the national health service and social benefits.

g) Access to the European Market: Italian citizenship allows unrestricted access to the European Union's vast labor market. This means greater career opportunities, the ability to work in another EU country without the need for a work permit and access to equal pay and working conditions with citizens of the host country;

h) Health and social benefits: As an Italian citizen, you are entitled to health and social benefits. This includes access to the National Health Service, social security systems and other benefits such as pensions and assistance in the event of unemployment or illness;

i) Long-term legal security: Italian citizenship offers long-term legal security. Unlike residence permits, which may require regular renewal, citizenship is permanent. This eliminates the uncertainty related to the right to reside and work in the country;

j) Visas for Family Members and Permits for Relatives: A great advantage of Italian citizenship is the possibility of obtaining visas for accompanying family members without the possibility of the consular representation of your country rejecting you for "migratory risk". In addition, thanks to article 19 of the TUIMM, you can apply for permesso di soggiorno for your family members up to the second degree, facilitating family reunification and offering your loved ones the opportunity to share the benefits of your new citizenship.

l) State security: Living in Europe means that Italian citizens have the advantage of living in one of the safest places in the world.2) Disadvantages of Italian citizenship

It's not really Italian citizenship with disadvantages, but legal obligations provided by law for any citizen

a) Free Italian citizenship: unfortunately there is no such thing as immediate recognition at state expense. The legal process for citizenship, for example, involves costs and legal fees to represent you in Italy. We are not really talking about money, but about dreams and a new life;

b) Traveling with two passports: This is not a disadvantage, but a legal obligation to leave and be in a given state. In Brazil it is also possible to leave with your Brazilian identity card at the counter and enter with your Italian passport in Italy, Europe.

c) Tax declaration: Those who are moving to Italy need to make an annual income declaration, just like in Brazil;

d) Updating your civil status: another case which is not a disadvantage of Italian citizenship, but an obligation, is to update your civil status at the Comune or Consulate responsible.

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