How much does Italian citizenship cost?

How Much Does Italian Citizenship Cost?

How much does Italian citizenship cost?

The price of acquiring citizenship initially cannot be priced. It is a right enshrined in law. It is an intangible value that cannot be materialized, as it affects generations, dreams and possibilities.


However, due to the lack of action and speed on the part of the Italian state, there are constitutional channels and guarantees for this recognition.

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When it comes to the costs of citizenship, we are faced with costs that involve the pre-procedural phase and the judicial phase itself.

Pre-procedural phase

This involves the costs of

Issuing full certificates: In Brazil the cost of notaries varies from state to state.

ADM or JUD rectifications: These need to be carried out if necessary.

Apostille of Full Content Certificates: Apostille is charged per document and can vary by up to 3x depending on the registry office.

Sworn translation: There is also a variation in prices depending on the state. The ideal is for the interested party. It is important for the applicant to do some research and get several quotes. Note that sworn translations can also be carried out in Italy and the price is charged per document and not per page. If the translation is done in Italy, it does not need to be apostilled (the translation, yes, the original document).

Sending documentation by international mail: This varies according to the company you choose. One of the most commonly used is DHL.


The cost of applying for recognition of citizenship cannot initially be measured. It is an intangible value that cannot be materialized because it affects generations, dreams and possibilities.


The price will depend on the type of procedure you choose, as we currently have consular, communal and court procedures.


In the judicial phase, it is necessary to consult the lawyer of the case to find out what is included in the price. In our office, the fee includes the contributo unificato (court fee) and the bollo mark. In addition to an essential service, which is the post-judicial follow-up of the transcriptions of the documents of the plaintiffs in the case and the digital sending of the birth and marriage certificates to the party.




Court fees

In Italy, court fees are referred to as contributo unificato. This is the tax paid by the plaintiff, which with the Riforma Cartabia changed various procedural provisions, doubling the costs of justice. As of 2023, the amounts are set at 518.00 euros.

Legal fees

These are the fees paid to the lawyer for the work carried out. They include the costs of the procedural stages. Each lawyer has a different way of working, involving structure, travel, technological and intellectual investment, and time spent working, among other things.

When evaluating how much a citizenship process costs and its respective price, it is necessary to analyze the route chosen and the benefits of each route chosen.
The judicial process is represented entirely by the lawyer, and there is no need for tickets, accommodation, food, or the presence of the applicants at the procedural acts, and the decision is reached within a reasonable timeframe that is entirely different from that practiced by the Italian Consulates.
So, how much does it cost to obtain Italian citizenship through the courts?

The cost of Italian citizenship is

-Process protocol: 518 euros contributo unicato. In 2023, up until February, it was 258 euros, + bollo mark 27 euros.

- res judicata 16 euros + 3.92 Marca da bollo

- Legal fees


Proceeding directly with Italian lawyers costs much less than with intermediaries. It is important that you send the family tree to the professionals with all the documents. In addition, the cost is reduced because it is not necessary to present the death certificates of descendants, which reduces the cost of translation and apostille.

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