Jure Sanguinis

Iure Sanguinis Citizenship
According to Italian law, the child of Italian parents is an Italian citizen. This is automatic and occurs when the birth certificate is issued: the child is Italian iure sanguinis if the father or mother, or both, are Italian citizens, wherever the birth took place.

What is jure sanguinis citizenship? What is its concept?

Italian citizenship jure sanguinis is the transmission from father or mother to child that occurs at birth to descendants without any interruption.

For the purposes of recognizing Italian citizenship ius sanguinis, it is necessary that the descendants of the Italian ancestor, including the applicant, have never lost their Italian citizenship. Possession of Italian citizenship must be demonstrated by:

- extract from the birth certificate of the Italian ancestor who emigrated abroad issued by the Italian municipality of birth or baptismal certificate of the Italian ancestor (issued by the municipality of origin).

- translated and legalized birth certificates of all their direct descendants, including that of the applicant

- marriage certificate of the Italian ancestor who emigrated abroad, translated and legalized if formed abroad;

- marriage records of their lineal descendants, including the applicant's parents

- certificate issued by the competent authorities of the foreign country of emigration, certifying that the Italian ascendant did not acquire citizenship of the foreign country of emigration before the birth of the ascendant in question.
- death certificate for the Italian ancestor only

Special case:

children born out of wedlock and the parent who does not pass on ius sanguininis citizenship registers their birth a public document is required with which the Italian blood parent declares that they are the biological parent

There are two ways to apply for recognition of Italian citizenship iure sanguinis:

- administrative, by submitting the application to the Consulate if the applicant is abroad, or to the Comune if they live in Italy:

-via judicial, by appealing to the Civil Court of the Municipality of the ascendant's birth, in the case of descendants of the maternal line born before 01/01/1948, the date on which the Constitution came into force, and also in the case of descendants of the paternal line, when waiting times at the competent Consulate are extremely long.

jure sanguinis italian citizenship

Once a parent has obtained Italian citizenship jure sanguinis, their minor children can also acquire this status without additional procedures and without the need to be in Italian territory or not.

Our office specializes in iure sanguinis citizenship and serves all those who wish to obtain Italian citizenship by descent from Italian ancestors who migrated abroad.