Italian Citizenship Documents


The documentation required for the Italian citizenship process is dealt with in Circolare n. K. 28.1 of 04/08/1991.

To facilitate the analysis of the law, we have separated it into 02 topics: a) Antenato Documents; b) Document of Descendants.

A) ITALIAN : Birth Certificates from the “Commune’ in Italian

1) Birth document of the candidate (which conveys citizenship) who immigrated from Italy, issued by the Comune where he was born (estratto dell’atto di nascita dell’avo italiana emigrato all’estero rilasciato dal Comune italiana ove egli nacque);

It is a document issued in Italy by the Civil Status Officer of the Commune where the ancestor was born. The document is issued on the comune's letterhead, containing information such as registration name, date, parents' names, information about the registration book and additional data. It is the document that certifies the link between the transmitter of citizenship and its applicants.

Question: Can the Baptismal certificate be used?

2) Marriage Certificate of the Italian national who immigrated abroad with its official translation (atto di matrimonio dell’avo italiana emigrato all’estero, munito di translatore ufficiale italiana se forma all’estero);

Many immigrants left for USA single. Either because they were still young, accompanied by their parents, or because they were looking for a job opportunity.

So, if the Italian's wedding took place in Italy, it is necessary to request it from the marriage commune.

If the marriage took place in Brazil, it is necessary to issue this document in FULL CONTENT with the translation and apostille for the document to be valid in Italy.

To avoid unnecessary expenses, translation and apostille should not be done immediately, as our office needs to carry out a documentary analysis of your case.

3) Certificate issued by the Competent Authority of the State of immigration, provided with an official translation into Italian attesting that the person born during the time he remained in that State did not acquire citizenship of the State in which he immigrated before the date of birth of the child. (certificate issued by the competent Authorities of the National State of Emigration, official translation into the Italian language, attesting to the Italian avo at its time emigrating from Italy without acquiring the status of the National State of Emigration previously born to the Ascendant of Emigration interested;) We are facing the Negative Certificate of Naturalization

4) Death Certificate of the italian immigrant


1) ENTIRE CONTENT Birth Certificate with Italian translation of all direct lineal descendants, including those applying for Italian citizenship (atti di nascita, muniti di translatore ufficiale italiana)

This is a document issued by the registry offices on a special sheet containing all the information relating to the birth of the interested party, including registration information, books, parents' names, birth declarants, among other information. As it is a document issued in Usa, for it to be valid in Italy it will require a sworn translation and apostille. The latter is also carried out at the registry office.

2) Marriage Certificate ENTIRE CONTENT of descendants in a direct line, including those of the parents of the person interested in Italian citizenship. (atti di matrimonio dei suoi discendenti, in linea straight, understanding that I gave birth to the person rivendicante il possesso della cittadinanza italiana)

Other documentation issued by the notary that has the authority for this purpose, followed by translation and apostille required by Italian legislation.

Question: Are death certificates mandatory?

No. The law at no point mentions this obligation. The death certificate often contains a declaration from third parties who do not routinely provide inaccurate information.

As they are an optional document, it may be interesting to issue them, as they may sometimes contain some necessary information such as variation of name, affiliation, place of birth.

Question: In the case of separation and divorce, is there any additional document?

Yes. In addition to the divorce notation on the marriage certificate, a copy of the sentence and its finality, translated and apostilled, are required. It is worth mentioning, if one of the applicants is divorced, an initial petition, minutes of the hearing, judge's sentence or approval of the agreement, certificate of final and unappealable status, certificate of standing object, translated and apostilled are presented. If the divorce was carried out at a Notary's Office, it is presented